Parallel Bodies is a sonic comparison of two entities that facilitate movement; the sea and the road. It investigates the increasing replacement of natural phenomena with that of fabricated phenomena and questions our large scale societal acclimatization to the synthetic.

Ambient recordings from the sea coupled with the field recordings of the road draw a parallel between the audible passage of motion through both bodies. When isolated, the movement of a car through a peripheral soundscape mimics the undulation of a wave moving across the surface of the sea. Both soundscapes are commonly implemented in white noise therapy to remedy conditions such as insomnia and anxiety.

How have we naturalized synthetic phenomena as a result of increasing urbanization? Cities have become ripe with sonic simulations of natural sounds; bird calls replicating car alarms and freeways mimicking ocean. Parallel Bodies questions the imminent replacement of organic phenomena in contemporary landscape and aims to instill a greater sense of awareness of this rarification.