Dandelion is a collective of five artists born from reflections upon a pedagogical and social practice. The collective formed in 2018 and is based out of Geneva. The “particapatory research-action” undertaken by the collective aims to collaborate with children, as co-authors of the research in an investigation of urban space.

The project examines urban territories in reminiscence of the dent-de-lion; affloresent and rhizomatic. The collective employs the walk as its primary medium, rendering it as a tool for sketching a sensorial cartography. Drawing reference from the Debord’s derives and Colin Ward’s Child in The City, the group walks as an investigative tool to discover and activate the child’s place in, and vision of, the city.

A series of “kits” designed by the collective help to facilitate alternative sensorial engagement during the expeditions. Each kit is fabricated with the intention of amplifying particular sensorial observations, serving as a lens which invites the participants to begin mapping their own sensorial experience of the city. The kits are subject to the modifications of future participations, perpetuating an open-ended body of research, or the “anarchive.” The anarchive consists of a compilation of traces of previous excursions; a continuously expanding direc- tory of objects and documents, reactivatable with each expedition that unfurls.

The work that dandelion aspires to see gradually emerge from this method of work is an evolutionary map, an accumulation of subjective maps of the city where the project takes place. This map becomes both the fruit and the engine of the research and aims to chart the childen’s place in the city.

Dandelion Collective presents their research along with a series of walks and activities in the context of Robert Walser Sculpture Project by Thomas Hirschhorn this summer in Bienne. The project pays homage to the work of the Swiss writer Robert Walser, and will take place in the Bahnofplatz of Biel, constituting the Stiftung Schweizerische Plastikausstellung SPA Biel's 13th edition. The collective will be hosted in the Ambassade de Dandelion inside of Hirshhorn’s installation throughout the twelve week duration of the piece, from June 15th to September 8th.