This edition of Aural Oral worked in collaboration with two organic farms based at the foot of the mountains outside of Marrakech, to facilitate a greater understanding of native and non-native crops. The artist worked with these farmers to explore agricultural histories and growing cycles, as well as with a group of women in a kitchen in Agafay desert to learn culinary traditions of the region. Sound recording was done both on the farm during harvests and in the kitchen during production, creating an extended ambient reflection upon these two processes.

The lunch coalesced into a mosaic of taste and sound, presenting an amalgamation of this one month research, and highlighting the dynamic network of organic elements explored during the month. The meal featured seasonal produce, all hand selected by the artist and farmers, and dishes inspired by observations made in Agafay.

Aural Oral coincided with a group exhibition at La Conserverie during the 154 Art Fair, in which a series of large scans were exhibited, highlighting produce picked from the partner farms and used in the menu.