Aural Oral explores a meal as a sonic meditation, proposing a reflection on processes of cultivation, fabrication, and assembly. As a performance, the meal pairs an auditory archive of its ingredients with its consumption, each accompanying track exploring the subtle soundscape of each dish. The amplification of micro actions through the ambient soundscape presents an examination of processes often haphazardly witnessed; in Aural Oral the miniscule gestures of the chef are magnified to illuminate the intricacies of these practices and offer the participants a sensorial relationship with the meal that extends beyond the domain of the gustatory. Aural oral worked most recently in collaboration with farmers in a sonic research of their cultivation practices.

The series implements piezo microphones to take contact recordings of culinary actions such as chopping, slicing, grating, as well as agricultural actions such as digging and harvesting. Hydropphones are also implicat- ed in the recording process to capture water-based interactions such as boiling, steaming, and rinsing.